Stop Over Thinking

Over thinking is like cancer, slowly it enter your body and finally destroy your brain. So stop Over thinking, stay away from stress and be happy. ☺

Be Happy. Keep Smiling.☺


True fact of life…

One of the true fact of life is 

every day starts with a new chapter and the chapter end with the closing of day.
Always be prepared for the upcoming story of life. Never know where it turn and where it takes you. Love your life and welcome it with open hand , no matter whatever it gives you in return.

Remember every new day is another chance to change your life your way.

Be Happy . Keep Smiling.☺

He Time Passed

She liked,

       She cared,

              She loved,

                     She tried,

                            She cried,

                                    She pleaded,

                                            She howled,

                                                     She hushed,

He Time Passed……..

Be Happy. Keep Smiling.☺

Those Blissful Days…😆

                      When empty boxes

                     were also a source of 

                         joy and pleasure…


                    What beautiful those

                    childhood days were….

Be Happy. Keep Smiling.☺

Punctuation is powerful

​An English professor wrote the word:

“A woman without her man is nothing”

On the chalkboard and asked the students to punctuate it correctly.

All the males in class wrote:

“A woman, without her man, is nothing.”

All the females in the class wrote:

“A woman: without her, man is nothing.”


Be Happy. Keep Smiling.☺

Just learn a new word

Just learned a new word, never listen about it but there is actually a term like that. The word is – 


Textrovert is term for a person who is expressive and funny in texts but shy in person.

Have you read or listen the word before. It’s good that people like me have word for them. So what about you…Are you a “Textrovert” ?

Be Happy. Keep Smiling.☺