It’s been a long time…….

It’s been a long time – is my new poetry, since a long time I have not been writing, so this poetry share my thoughts as what I had felt and now I am back again with my imagination in poetry, quotes, thoughts, stories and many more.


It’s been a long time……

A long time has been passed by,
My thought hasn’t met the destination,
A scribbler was little away from writing,
Missing the journey of words traveling in mind,
It’s been a long time…….

The dried ink of inkpot was calling me,
Fingers wiggling to touch the pen skin,
Withering paper dying to be scratching,
Waiting for the shower of words,
It’s been a long time…….

Back again with writing diaries,
Back again in boodle of vision,
Pouring imagination in verse,
Meditating again with alphabets,
It’s been a long time…….

Be Happy. Keep Smiling. 🙂

Stop Over Thinking

Over thinking is like cancer, slowly it enter your body and finally destroy your brain. So stop Over thinking, stay away from stress and be happy. ☺

Be Happy. Keep Smiling.☺

True fact of life…

One of the true fact of life is 

every day starts with a new chapter and the chapter end with the closing of day.
Always be prepared for the upcoming story of life. Never know where it turn and where it takes you. Love your life and welcome it with open hand , no matter whatever it gives you in return.

Remember every new day is another chance to change your life your way.

Be Happy . Keep Smiling.☺

New Phase of Life

New phase of life……

Days and days going ahead……..

Getting older with every sunrise…….

Something leaving behind…….

Some new life trip to come……

A step toward the glistering future……

A move for coming tomorrow…..

Everything will departure like sunset at dusk time…..

A journey giving farewell to childhood….

A ray of sunshine…..

Excited like a waves waiting to touch ashore…..

Thrilled like a sinless dear scared of intrepid tiger…..

A new juncture to arrive…..

Welcoming with open arms….. 

New phase of life……

Be Happy. Keep Smiling.☺


​हर शख्स की एक कहानी होती है। अच्छी हो या बुरी होती ज़रूर है। उसकी कहानी का हीरो और लेखक वह खुद होता है। वह कैसा क़िरदार निभाना चाहता है, वह खुद तय करता है। जैसा वह निर्णय लेगा, परिणाम भी वैसा ही मिलेगा। पर ये कहानी तो उसकी है वह जैसे चाहें उसे राह दे सकता है। कहानी का अंत भी उसके ही कर्मो पर होता है।

ये आप पर निर्भर करता है, आप अपनी ज़िन्दगी किस तरह देखना चाहते है। आप ही अपने सुख और दुःख के ज़िम्मेदार होते है। कब कहा किस जगह कौन सा मार्ग लेना है, ये आपको ही सोचना है। क्योंकी ये आपकी कहानी है।

Be Happy. Keep Smiling.☺