माँ तु ऐसी क्यों हैं।

माँ तु ऐसी क्यों हैं।

मन जब भारी हो जाता है।

तेरा सर पर हाथ रखना सब ठीक कर देता है माँ।

भूख जब मुझे लगती हैं।

तेरे हाथ की ठंडी रोटी भी अमृत लगती है माँ।

होती हूं मैं जब भी परेशान तेरा कहना सब ठीक हो जएगा

सुकून देता है माँ।

पापा से जब भी डर लगता है

तेरा मेरे साथ खड़ा रहना 

हिम्मत देता है माँ।

खुद अपने गम छीपाकर सब का ख्याल रखना 

ऐसी क्यों है तू माँ।

शायद मैं कहती नहीं पर प्यार तुझसे बहुत करती हूं माँ।

तुझसे ही मेरी ज़िंदगी है।

तू ही मेरी सब कुछ है माँ।

तेरे बिना कभी ना रह पाऊँगी माँ।

तुझे छोड़ कर कैसे जाऊँगी मैं माँ।

माँ तू ऐसी क्यों है।

Be Happy. Keep Smiling. ☺


God’s First Gift…

​It is dark here, dark like acheron. So dark, that there is not a single shaft of light. All I can see around is tenebrous and stygian surrounding. Even there is no sound, only a deep silent. The only voice I can here is thumping of my heart, which is beating aloud that thousands of giant bell ringing together can’t replace it. I am frightening, the place intimidate me. I want to run away, but I am not able to walk. My foot are stuck up, like ground below my feet have swallowed my ankle. I want to shout, yell loudly, want to call for help, but my voice is choked like someone has gagged me. I have tried many unsuccessful attempt to speak, cry, shout…a single word did not came out. My breathing is fast, and I think it’s going to stop after few minutes. I don’t know what to do, I am detained where tremendous dark and dreadful silence is present. I feel like a conoclast in form of human. 

Suddenly I came out, dwelling how it happens. Now I can see light and feel airy too, there is no sign of darkness. A woman is holding me, she looks so beautiful. She has tears in her eyes but she is smiling, smiling at me. Ohh…I am the reason for her smile. Her eyes are full of tears, but there is something bright in those eyes, twinkling with joyous. I am in her arms and it feels like safest place on earth. I love her pleased and smiling face.

 Her hand are soft and I can hold them anytime, whenever I need them. I can’t say what happen to me, or how it evokes in my mind, I recognizes her. She is my mother. She is one whom god has sent for me, or I to her. We both have born today, she as mother. A new life, a new beginning for both of us. Her eyes are giving me lot of unspoken promises. She will be always there whenever I need her. She will my remedy, for all my wounds. She will love me unconditionally. She will be there for me anytime anywhere, no matter what the situation is. Yes, She is my angel

She is my first gift from god. My Gift. My Angel. My Mother.

Be Happy. Keep Smiling.☺