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Over thinking is like cancer, slowly it enter your body and finally destroy your brain. So stop Over thinking, stay away from stress and be happy. ☺

Be Happy. Keep Smiling.☺


  The Last Letter


My first step for fiction short story. It’s a first part of story, hope you will like it. You are free to give your suggestion. Both positive and negative feedback are welcome.☺ 

Let’s start the story……


                               The Last Letter

                                    ( Part-1)

It’s the last time I am seeing him and that to like this. It is worst feeling ever I have. Ooh god! Never ever make anyone to feel so miserable, so excruciating, that she has to see her life, her love and her everything taking last breath. Despite knowing this I’m not able to do anything. Damned!!

Kunj, my fiancé with whom I want to spend my whole life, is lying here on bed no. 24 with all those tubes, needle in his right hand, oxygen mask and a cardiac machine showing sign of him being with me. Just a week before, we were a happy couple and all the elders of family wishing us with the blessings. I can remember his delighted face that day, he wanted to get married as soon as possible. But our marriage date was fixed after 2 months. It’s said that destiny is not in our hand and it had became true in my case. Destiny has played its game. Our dreams remain just dreams.

It’s all my fault, I called him  yesterday to meet urgently for selecting matching clothes which we were going to wear on our wedding day. While he was coming, on the way some boys were playing with bikes, doing stunt. One of them lost his balance and clashed with Kunj bike. Both bikes slide on road, but Kunj bike collided with a tree. His head got hit with the trunk of tree. Those boys ran away from there. Some eye witness try to catch them but they were too fast. People brought him in hospital. Stupidly I was calling him angered with his late coming behaviour.  Without knowing who is speaking on other side of call, I barked. 

“Where the hell are you? For past half an hour I am waiting for you” 

“Hello mam, my name is Sid. The man you called has met with an accident. He is admitted in Vedanta hospital. May I know who am I speaking with?”

What! My world had stopped. Met with an accident. What! 

My body start shivering.

“Hello. Are you there.” The man asked. I can’t remember his name.

“I am his fiancé, Meera, coming there in 10 minutes” this all I could say.

Picking up my scooter I ran toward hospital. Within 7-8 minutes I was in hospital. 

“Excuse me! An accident case within 15 minute?” rapidly I asked receptionist.

“Mr. Kunj  A. Jain?”


“He is in ICU”

I ran toward ICU . Hesitantly I opened door, my heartbeat had stopped. He was lying on bed, face fully covered with bandages. 

“Dr. I am his fiancé. What’s the situation” I asked to Dr.

He asked me to come out and told me that Kunj had internal bleeding and a blood clot had developed in his brain. They are trying but situation is critical. In last 1 hour my world again had stopped twice.

“Internal bleeding”

“Blood clot”



I tested each word, as if listening for the first time. What had happened. What to do now.

Next 7 hours I was silent and only praying for him. Doctor and nurses were in and out from ICU. 

“God, please! Please! Please! Make him alright.”

His parents, his sister, my parents, my brother, my sister, my sister-in-law, all are here, and I am alone. With all the people in hospital I am alone. At 12:30 in night Dr. called his father and told that bleeding had been controlled but clot can’t be removed. He was shifted in room no.24 and will keep him in watch for next 24 hours. 

No one was allowed to sit more than 15 minutes in room no. 24. After all family member spend 15 minutes watching him, we weren’t allowed to enter his room. I told everyone to go home as I was staying in hospital outside room no. 24. I sat on bench outside his room, but with every 5 minute I gaze him from the door which had a circular window in it. 

“Meera. Wake up dear” My mother woke me.

I was sleeping on bench, I can’t remember when I slept. All night I was watching him, but when did I slept? Everyone was again in hospital. 

“You should eat something. You had not eaten from night.” My mother worriedly told me.

“No maa..I don’t want to eat.”

I only want him to be out of danger which he is not. I turned to see him once again from that window, but what I could see was a doctor and nurse were in his room. That means I wasted my morning time in sleeping rather than looking after him or I woke up at his morning check-up time. Half an hour later doctor was out of room but nurse didn’t. He eyed all of us and said, “He is conscious now but he will not be able to speak much. You all can meet him one by one, but not more than 10 minutes. He doesn’t have much time.”

I felt like someone has twisted a knife in my heart. How could…mean how…….. even I am not able to think. May be my sub-consciousness had listen something wrong. But reality was that you had listened it correctly Meera. He is going. Leaving you alone. 

“No! No! No!” I yelled out.

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Hope you enjoyed reading. Waiting for your feedback….

Be Happy. Keep Smiling.☺